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Best Flowers to Give for Valentine’s Day

There is no better way to express your love to that special someone, then through an arrangement of fresh flowers. Many flowers have different meanings, making them the perfect way to show someone you care about them. Plus, you can choose from a unique array of flowers with different colors, scents, and textures to create a stunning and personalized arrangement. Make sure you include these meaningful flowers to your bouquets this year to help express your love this Valentine’s Day.

Best Valentine's Day Flowers


Roses are the flower for Valentine’s Day because they are the symbol of love. Each rose color means something different, which makes giving them to someone that more special. For example, pink roses represent grace, happiness, admiration, and gratefulness. They are a great flower to give to a friend!

The number of roses you choose to give to someone also has significance. Sending one rose is a sign of affection towards someone. While sending a dozen roses to your loved one is a token of infinite love.  


Carnations are great, colorful, and long-lasting flowers to incorporate into your bouquets. While they are beautiful flowers, they also carry a deeper meaning. Carnations represent new love and fascination. Therefore, these are the perfect flowers to include in a bouquet that you’re sending to someone you’re newly dating, or to someone you admire. Send vibrant red carnations to convey your passion, energy, and desire to that person.


If you want to send a bouquet that will represent your long-lasting feelings for someone, include tulips in your bouquets. Tulips represent deep-rooted feelings of love, comfort, and warmth. They’re a great flower to choose because they flourish in water and will last longer than other flowers. Plus, tulips allow you to include unique colors and shapes, creating an eye-catching arrangement, such as the Full of Love bouquet!


If you want to add a sweet scent to your arrangement, combine a few lilies into your bouquet. Not only do they smell lovely, but their colors pair well with other flowers included in your bouquet. Their bright and bold colors represent celebration, enthusiasm, and ambition. Send an arrangement with lilies to celebrate a new chapter of your life!  

Flowers are the best way to express your love this Valentine’s Day. Dallas House of Flowers has plenty of meaningful selections of Valentine’s Day flowers that will make your loved one feel extra special!