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Types of Flowers to Bring to an Easter Brunch

Are you attending an Easter brunch? Don’t show up to your guest’s home empty-handed. If you’re looking for something more to bring than a dish to pass, flowers are a great way to show your appreciation. Plus, flowers are a symbol of spring, which makes them the perfect gift to give during this time of the year. When you’re looking at bouquet options, don’t forget to include these flowers!

Easter Flowers


In the spring, tulips are some of the first flowers to bloom. That’s why they are often a staple flower in Easter arrangements. With their cupped shape and bright colors, they even resemble colorful Easter eggs. You can also get creative and incorporate tulips into your table setting and add single tulips to each placemat!

If you want to surprise your host with a bouquet full of shades of reds and pinks, you should surprise them with our Teleflora’s Sweet Surrender Bouquet, which comes in an exclusive silver reflections vase.


Daffodils and their bright yellow color symbolize new life, friendship, and eternal life. They are another popular flower to give to others during the Easter season. When you give a daffodil to someone, it shows that you have high respect for that person. They are also commonly used to express genuine love. If your significant other is hosting this year, a bouquet of daffodils would be a meaningful gift to surprise them with. If you’re looking for the perfect colorful bouquet that includes daffodils check out our Springtime’s Here Bouquet.  


Daisies are sweet and simple flowers that add a sweet aroma to any room. A daisy represents innocence, loyalty, purity, and calmness. They also come in a variety of colors, allowing you to add the perfect pops of color to your spring décor. If you’re looking for something with more color than the traditional white daisy, A Little Pink Me Up Bouquet contains bright pink daisies!


Of course, we couldn’t forget about the Easter lily! Lilies are the most traditional symbol of Easter. Representing purity, hope, new life, and serenity. Don’t forget to give someone a bouquet with lilies this Easter, which will make the perfect holiday centerpiece!

If you’re looking for the perfect flower arrangement for Easter, then contact Dallas House of Flowers to pick out your perfect bouquet!