Top 3 Tips for Displaying Flowers in Your Home

Whether you bought one yourself or it was a gift from a loved one, a bouquet of flowers can brighten any room. But what’s the best way to display those flowers? Not only do you want your flowers to look their best, but you also want them to be obvious so every visitor will notice them. Here we give you the top three tips on displaying flowers in your home.

Find the right vase

Top 3 Tips for Displaying Flowers in Your Home

A vase should complement your flowers, creating an arrangement that will wow anyone. However, not all vases will work for all flowers. Cylinder vases are best for flowers with long stems, while cube vases are best for flowers with short stems. If you have a classic-shaped vase, then you can use that to display a large floral arrangement. You can also get creative by using mason jars, teacups, or bottles.

Find the right location

Now that you have the perfect vase, it’s time to find the perfect location. There are plenty of spaces you can place a floral bouquet. Dining tables, end tables, and coffee tables are the usual locations, but you can also place your bouquet on your countertops, in your foyer, or even on your bedroom nightstand. Just make sure you have plenty of room to display your flowers without blocking anything.

Keep them alive

Floral arrangements can last a long time if you take care of them properly. After all, you don’t want to be replacing your flowers after only a week or two. Avoid placing your flowers near vents, radiators, or in direct sunlight. Change the water regularly, cleaning the vase as you do so to protect your flowers from bacteria. Finally, avoid stuffing too many flowers in your vase as this can damage the stems and make it harder for your flowers to get water.

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