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Birth Month Flowers and their Meanings

For each month of the year there’s a birthstone, but did you know that there’s also a birth month flower? Knowing the birth month flowers and understanding their hidden meanings can help you when picking out bouquets or flower arrangements for yourself or someone special. To get started, check out our guide below:

January: CarnationsBirth Month Flowers and their Meanings

From the affectionate pink carnation to the lovely white carnations, carnations are associated with the month of January. Each color has their own meaning—white, for instance, represents purity, while purple represents capriciousness—so you have ample opportunity to convey the right message with these flowers.

February: Violets

Representing faithfulness and loyalty, violets are the birth month flower for February. They come in mainly whites, blues, and purples, but can be a great addition to any home or garden.

March: Daffodil

In March, spring is just around the corner, so it’s fitting that the March flower is the bright and cheery daffodil. They symbolize renewal and new beginnings, and bloom early in the springtime.

April: Daisies

We were still trying to shake off winter’s tight grip in March, but in April, spring flowers are in full bloom, and that includes daisies, the youthful birth month flower of April.

May: Lilies of the Valley

Lilies of the Valley have several meanings including, but not limited to, motherhood, chastity, purity, and humility. Their association with motherhood makes them a great flower for Mother’s Day, which also happens to be in May.

June: Rose

Similar to carnations, each color of roses has their own unique meaning. For instance, the most popular red rose represents passionate love, while the yellow rose represents friendship.

July: Larkspur

The larkspur is a stunning and elegant flower, its deep and colorful appearance perfect for the month of July. It comes in a few shades: pink, which represents fickleness, white, which conveys happiness, and purple, which represents a first love.

August: Gladiolus

August is the hottest month of the year, so it’s fitting that the flower that represents strength and moral integrity is its birth month flower. Their name even comes from the Latin word “gladius,” or “sword.”

September: Aster

September is when the summer heat fades into the brisk coolness of fall. It also happens to be the time that the daisy-like asters bloom, representing daintiness and patience.

October: Marigold

The warm colors of fall go well with the gold, orange, and red hues of the marigold. They represent passion and creativity, two things that are at their height in fall.

November: Chrysanthemum

Symbolizing friendship and longevity, chrysanthemums are a stunning flower for the month of November.

December: Narcissus

Last but certainly not least is the narcissus, the birth month flower of December. It symbolizes hope, and its pure-white appearance goes perfectly with the fresh layer of snow on the ground.

Whether you’re wanting a bouquet for your mother’s birthday, or flowers for your wedding, incorporating your birth month flower always adds a unique touch to any flower arrangement. To get started, check out our bouquets here at Dallas House of Flowers.