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How to Tell You’re Overwatering Your Plants

When caring for our flowers and plants, we often worry if we’re giving them enough water. As a result, we keep watering, and watering, and watering to ensure our plants stay healthy. Yet, our eagerness can get the best of us. We start to water our plants too much, and they are drowned and weighed down by excess water.

But how can you tell if you’re overwatering your plants? These four signs are dead giveaways:

woman watering plants outside

Root rot

Take a peek at your plant’s roots. Do they appear gray, brown, or slimy? If so, then they’re suffering from root rot. Root rot is a fungal disease that develops with the soil remains dense with water. As a result, the roots don’t get enough air and they soon drown and rot.

Yellowing leaves

Overwatered plants may continue to produce new leaves. However, you will also find that new and old leaves start to turn yellow in the process. Yellowing plants is a big sign that you’re overwatering, but thankfully there are ways to correct it. Clip off any yellow leaves and then cut back on how often you water.

Brown and wilting leaves

Many people think that brown, wilting leaves is a sign that their plant isn’t getting enough water. But if the soil is wet and your leaves are still brown and wilting, then it’s likely caused by overwatering. Only water your plant if the soil feels dry an inch or so beneath the surface.


Are you noticing blisters or lesions on your plant? Then it’s likely suffering from edema. When a plant is overwatered, the cells expand and eventually rupture from the stress. These ruptures appear in the form of blisters and lesions which eventually heal into dark or white scar tissue.

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