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Vase Water Best Practices

When you get a collection of freshly cut flowers, you want them to last as long as possible. One way to do that is to water your flowers properly. Here we discuss vase water best practices to ensure that your flowers continue to decorate your home.

Fill the vase to ¾ of its height

pair of flowers in vases sitting on table in front of window

Many times, people go wrong by putting in too little or too much water. The ideal amount of water for vase plants is to fill up the vase to ¾ of its height. This ensures that your flowers have plenty of water to rely on, but you don’t run the risk of water overflowing.

Change the water every two days

Once you’ve filled up your vase with water, don’t assume that you can just leave it until your flowers wilt. To keep your flowers lasting the longest, you’ll want to change your water every two days. This reduces the number of bacteria that develops in the water, making the water cleaner and healthier for your plants.

Use warm water, not cold

You don’t want your water blistering hot, but neither do you want it cold. You want to keep the temperature lukewarm. Why? Because this helps the flower absorb nutrients in the water and plant feed.

Stay on top of bacteria and mold

Even if you regularly change out your water, there is still the chance that bacteria and mold can grow inside your vase. To help keep this under control, clean the vase with soapy water every time you change out the water. You can also fight bacteria and mold with vinegar or bleach. You can add two tablespoons of cider vinegar or half a teaspoon of bleach without it impacting the health of your flowers.

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