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How to Move Your Plants Indoors

When the temperatures begin to drop, we make our preparations for the fall and winter seasons. This includes bringing our plants inside to protect them from the colder weather. While some plants can handle the winter weather, most of our potted plants will need to be moved inside if they are to survive.

However, moving your plants indoors is more complicated than you think. An indoor environment is much different from an outdoor environment, so your plants need to acclimate accordingly.

indoor plants sitting on window ledge

Check for bugs and pests

The most common problem you’ll have when moving your plants indoors is moving unwanted pests inside with them. If you’re not careful, small insects such as mealybugs, spider mites, and aphids will infect the rest of your indoor plants and possibly kill them. As such, you should check each plant for these critters before moving them inside. If you spot any, give them a washing down and treat them with neem oil.

Prune and repot

Chances are that your plants have grown over the spring and summer months. Some may have grown so much that they’re outgrowing their current pots. Take some time to prune your plants and repot if necessary.

Transition gradually

The transition from living outdoors to indoors should be taken gradually. Plants can be shocked by a sudden transition, causing them to wilt or lose leaves. Start by bringing your plants in during the evening and bring it back out in the morning. Then, over the course of two weeks, gradually increase the amount of time your plants spend indoors until you reach 24 hours. You should start this process once outside temperatures dip to 50 degrees at night.

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