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A Helpful Guide of Gifting Flowers

An arrangement of fresh flowers makes for a wonderful gift for a variety of occasions. When you’re picking out your florals, it’s hard to go wrong. However, there are a few rules of etiquette that you should follow when giving flowers on certain occasions. 

Overall the act of sending flowers will likely brighten someone’s day, but you’re going to want to make sure you’re doing it right.

Gifting Flowers

Here are some of our favorite tips for gifting flowers:

Choosing the Right Flowers 

Although you really can’t go wrong when choosing flowers, you should know that some flowers and colors could potentially be inappropriate, depending on the occasion. For example, a bouquet of roses typically suggests romance and may not be the best option to gift to your co-worker. 

If you’re trying to say thank you or celebrate another occasion, you can’t go wrong choosing a bouquet of bright colored flowers

Is It The Right Timing? 

If you’re planning on sending flowers to a friend in the hospital, don’t just assume that every hospital accepts deliveries. Some hospitals prohibit flowers, so always check before you send get well flowers

When you send sympathy flowers, make sure you double-check where you should be sending them. Many people prefer sympathy flowers to be sent to the funeral home, but it’s also perfectly acceptable to send them to the family’s house afterward. You’re even safe with waiting a few weeks after the funeral to make it known that you’re still thinking of them. 

Are you trying to send flowers for a special birthday, holiday, or anniversary? Take the time to plan out the perfect time to send them. Although it’s always nice to plan for the flowers to get delivered on a specific date, sometimes it’s more impactful to send them to arrive out of the blue! 

Consider The Recipient 

When choosing your flower arrangement, always consider the recipient first. What would they like? If you’re sending sympathy flowers, did they ask for flowers? Or did they ask for donations in “lieu of flowers?” 

Make sure you’re giving extra thought as to what the recipient would want. If you’re feeling stuck, try putting yourself in their shoes, and ask yourself how you would feel receiving the arrangement. 

At Dallas House of Flowers, we have beautiful arrangements that will be sure to make someone smile. Shop our online collection today, and please give us a call at (214) 339-1612 or (800) 873-0917 with any questions.

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