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Who Should You Send Flowers to This Valentine’s Day?

Roses wrapped up in a red bow for Valentine's DayWe’re only a few weeks away from another Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday that can be polarizing for sure, but many love it and look forward to it each year.

The holiday has long been associated with flowers; both giving and receiving them. You may already have a special someone in mind that you’re thinking of sending a floral arrangement to – perhaps you do it each year. But is there any reason why you should only send them to one person? Is there any reason this gesture has be limited to someone you’re romantically linked to? If you don’t have an answer for that, consider expanding your Valentine’s Day generosity to these people in your life:

Your Crush

This is, of course, a childish way to describe someone you’re romantically interested in, but not necessarily exclusively involved with yet. It should go without saying that this gift of a floral arrangement should not blindside this person – you should at least have shown some interest in them and vice-versa before you send it. But it can be a nice surprise and a way for you to let them know that you have serious feelings without you having to explicitly say that.

Your Friends

The NBC Television Comedy Parks and Recreation popularized the concept of “Galentine’s Day” – essentially a version of Valentine’s Day for women and their friends. Of course, this doesn’t have to be limited by gender. There’s no reason you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by showing one or more friends how much you love and appreciate them with a Floral Arrangement.

A Loved One Who Needs a Pick Me Up

Part of the reason Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone is it can be a difficult day for single people. While many may be sad to be reminded they don’t have someone to share the day with, some are in an especially difficult position. Those who are navigating Valentine’s Day for the first time after losing a significant other or going through a divorce will appreciate you reminding them they’re still loved with a floral arrangement.

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The Health Benefits of Fresh Flowers

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