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The Different Tulip Colors and What They Mean

Colorful Tulips

Flowers make the best gifts because they allow you to say a lot to someone you care about without needing to speak a word. Every flower is meaningful in its way, and its colors are used to help convey what we mean. In the spring, tulips are a popular bloom to give for holidays, like mother’s day, or show someone you care! 

Tulips come in various colors, so let’s learn which colors might be best for your occasion: 

Red Tulips for Love 

Red tulips are often given to someone as a romantic gesture. They are commonly used to express that you are deeply in love. So whether you’re looking to show someone you love them, or you’re celebrating a big anniversary, red tulips are a great choice! 

Yellow Tulips 

Yellow flowers have an array of meanings. In the past, yellow used to be associated with feelings of jealousy and hopeless love. Now, they have more bright and cheerful meanings. Yellow bouquets of tulips are great to give to a friend, loved one, or someone who could use a little cheering up. Yellow is the designated color of friendship, so when and doubt, you’re always safe going with a yellow bouquet. 

White Tulips to Say Sorry

Whether you’re trying to make up with someone or a loved one just went through a big loss, white tulips are the best colors to use in an apology bouquet. Add a sweet treat to this bouquet to make it extra memorable. 

Pink Tulips 

Pink represents happiness and confidence. It’s a great color to use when you’re congratulating someone on their successes. Whether you’re celebrating a new job opportunity, graduation, or another big accomplishment, make sure you’re adding pink tulips to your arrangement! 

Purple Represents Royalty 

Purple tulips have always been the color of royalty. However, it can also be used to acknowledge a loved one’s accomplishments. This year for mother’s day, make sure you include purple tulips in your arrangement to let your mom know that she is the queen of your family. 

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