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Flower Arrangement Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Center Pieces

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, flower arrangements make for the best centerpieces! The fall is one of the best times for flowers because there are many different color combinations that you can arrange, including adding items like leaves, pines cones, and other decorative pieces.

Here are a few ways to help make your Thanksgiving flower arrangement stand out this holiday:

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Contrast with Copper

Copper tableware adds glamour to a casual table setting. Accessorize your table with copper mugs, silverware, and a hammered copper champagne bucket to hold your arrangement. Choosing a fall arrangement with colorful roses, orange alstroemeria, and yellow chrysanthemums will help make the display stand out even more.

Add Extra Fragrance to Your Bouquet

Fall floral arrangements are often made up of rich, warm colors. To add some contrast to your display, don’t hesitate to experiment with different spices and herbs. Not only do they add extra colors and textures to your display, but they add terrific scents too. For a Thanksgiving display, we’d recommend adding herbs such as thyme and mint. Or, our Classic Cornucopia has eucalyptus and cinnamon sticks for an abundance of beautiful fall scents.

Brighten the Room with Sunflowers

Golden yellow is one of the most vibrant fall colors. Although sunflowers are often considered a summer flower, they are often incorporated with fall florals. The traditional summer flower makes for the perfect Thanksgiving centerpieces.

Our Golden Day Basket is a delightful basket mixed with Asiatic lilies, red roses, gold and burgundy chrysanthemums, solidaster, brown copper beech, and salal.

Leaves and Berries

Whether they’re real or fake, adding leaves and berries to your displays will help make the colors of your arrangement pop. Remember, textures are just as important as colors in your bouquet. By adding leaves and berries to your arrangement, you’re not only incorporating more colors, but you’re also adding unique textures to your table.

To see an example, check out our Sending Joy basket, which incorporates dark purple grapes.

Sending an Arrangement This Thanksgiving

If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving Arrangement for your centerpiece, make sure you contact Dallas House of Flowers. We have stunningly beautiful fall arrangements that will be sure to stand out during your holiday dinner.

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