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Fun Facts About Sunflowers

Great news! It’s officially the peak season for beautiful sunflowers. You simply can’t miss these blooms because they stand taller than many other garden blooms. Did you know that a sunflower can grow up to 12 feet tall? That’s right! However, because of their bright colors, they are often selected and cut carefully to include in beautiful summer-time arrangements. 

Not only are sunflowers mesmerizing to look at, but there is also a lot of interesting facts about them.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why sunflowers are so great: 

Sunflowers Track the Sun 

As the earth moves throughout the day, sunflowers will follow the sun. This behavior is known as heliotropism. Eventually, as the flowers become heavier during seed production, the stem will stiffen and remain facing the east. 

Sunflower Oil Has an Anti-Inflammatory Effect 

There are many benefits that the sunflower plant offers besides beauty. Sunflower oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming sunflower oil can help reduce water loss and repair the skin barrier. 

That’s not all! Sunflowers also have a history of healing. In Mexico, the flowers were used to help soothe chest pains and pulmonary troubles. 

Tiny Flowers Create a Sunflower’s Head 

Did you know that the head of the sunflower is a combination of thousands of tiny flowers? The yellow petals around the outside are called ray florets, and once they’re removed, they cannot be reproduced. However, the tiny flowers located In the middle can redevelop and self-pollinate. 

Sunflower’s Help Boost Mood 

A bouquet of blooming sunflowers will look perfect on your kitchen table or sitting beside your nightstand. You can start every morning off with a smile just with a glance at your arrangement. The color yellow is known to help elevate your mood. 

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