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How to Keep Your Bouquets Standing Tall in The Summer Heat

There is no better way to brighten up someone’s day in the summer than sending a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. The summer heat can make it challenging to keep flowers alive and looking their best. Flowers and plants need to be kept at a certain temperature to breathe and intake food properly. Your florist has worked hard to keep your flowers alive and looking fresh during the summer heat. Make sure you continue this process in your own home to ensure that your arrangement continues to stay fresh throughout the summer heat.

Fresh Flower Tips

Give Them a Great Start

When you receive your bouquet, make sure that the flowers are placed in a clean vase with fresh water and flower food. Usually, once you receive your online flower order, the stems are already trimmed and ready to go. However, if not cut, it’s recommended to trim 5cm off of the stems to help them absorb the water and food properly. Lastly, make sure you are removing any leaves that fall below the waterline. Leaves that fall below the waterline tend to increase the growth of the bacteria in the water.

Keep an Eye On Your Water Levels

If you notice the stems of your flowers looking a little sad, they most likely need to soak up some more water. In the warm weather, the water in your vase will evaporate more quickly. Make sure that you are checking on your water levels every couple of days to make sure that your flowers have enough.

Do Not Sun Bathe Your Flowers

Although flowers need light to help them bloom, too much sunlight can have the opposite effect on your flowers. Do your best to keep your bouquet away from direct sunlight. Too much sun exposure will cause your flowers to open up too quickly and shorten their life.

Transition Your Flowers

It’s natural for some flowers to fade faster than others. Stay on top of removing flowers that have died and start transitioning existing flowers into different decorative vases. Get creative with your displays! There are so many ways you can create a new look for your home and keep your flowers looking fresh!

If you’re looking to send a bouquet of fresh flowers this summer, or any time of the year, Dallas House of Flowers has a large selection of flowers to brighten someone’s day! Check out our most popular bouquets and give us a call at 214-339-1612 with any questions!