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Do You Know the History of Valentine’s Day?

February 14th is just around the corner, and if you’re in a relationship, then you know why this day is important: it’s Valentine’s Day! But have you ever wondered how this special occasion ended up on February 14th, and who created it in the first place? Read on to learn more about the origins of Valentine’s Day.

3rd Century Romecouple on valentines day

Legend says that Valentine’s Day originated in the 3rd Century in Rome. During his rule, Emperor Claudius II thought that in order to build a bigger, stronger army, he should use only single men. He thought that men who were married tended to be more easily distracted and weaker than their single counterparts. So, he created a law that forbid marriage for young men.

Valentine the Priest

Angered by the law that no marriages could take place, and saddened by the scores of couples who would no longer be able to be together, a young priest named Valentine continued to perform marriage ceremonies in secret. When he was found out, the Emperor sentenced him to death. While Valentine awaited his fate in prison, he fell in love with a young girl who was the daughter of one of the jailers. History.com says that before his death, he wrote a letter to his love and signed it, “From your Valentine.”

Be My Valentine

Valentine’s sentiments are still used today between lovers, and on February 14th, they proclaim their love to each other for the world to see by declaring each other their Valentine.

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