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The Dos and Don’ts of Sending Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Sending Flowers for Valentine's Day

Can you believe it’s already that time of the year again? If you’re going to give flowers throughout the year, February is the time to do it.

One of the most popular days of the year to send flowers is Valentine’s Day, so don’t forget to order your arrangement for your special someone.

Here are a few of our Valentine’s Day dos and don’ts to help you send the perfect arrangement to your Valentine:

Order Early

Valentine’s Day is a popular time to order flowers, so if you know what you want, make sure you’re ordering your arrangement early. Remember that some flower shops might stop taking orders by a certain date or have special times available for deliveries.

Make sure you’re doing your research and order as soon as you can!

Include a Meaningful Card

Make your flower arrangement extra thoughtful this year by sending a card with your flowers. Valentine’s Day is the best day to tell someone that you love them. Because it can be hard to come up with the right words to say, be sure to give yourself enough time to plan out what you want to say. 

Include Valentine’s Day Colors in Your Arrangement

Shades of red and pink are the most popular flower colors you’ll see in a Valentine’s Day arrangement. Both colors are used to express love and appreciation towards those you love. Typically, red is suggested for romantic, intimate relationships, whereas pink can be used for friends and family.

Don’t Overwhelm the Recipient

Remember, you don’t need to go overboard to show your love for someone. Evaluate your relationship with the recipient. If you’ve only been dating for a few months, don’t overwhelm them with a giant bouquet. Instead, make your bouquet more meaningful by sending them an arrangement of their favorite flowers.

Don’t Stress Over the Price of the Flowers

If a bouquet of roses is out of your price range, don’t let that deter you from purchasing an arrangement altogether. A bouquet filled with daisies and carnations can be just as meaningful and be more budget-friendly. 

If you’re looking to send a bouquet this Valentine’s Day, shop our collection at Dallas House of Flowers! We have plenty of Valentine’s Day arrangements available that will be sure to put a smile on your loved ones face this.

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