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The Most Fragrant Flowers for Your Floral Bouquet

Giving a floral arrangement is the perfect way to express to someone that you care about them. Not only can you get creative with the colorful flowers you include, but you can also add sweet scents that will fill up any room. Next time you’re looking to show your loved ones that you care, give them a gift filled with strong, sweet, and natural fragrances.

Let’s take a look at some of the best smelling flowers to add to your bouquet!

Spring Flower Arrangements

Stargazer Lilies

When you walk into a room, the stargazer lily is not shy about announcing its presence. Although all lilies tend to be aromatic, the stargazer is the most fragrant of the lily family. You can’t miss their bright pink color, and the heavenly scent is guaranteed to bring joy to any recipient.

Plus, the stargazer lily symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and well being. Send a bouquet filled with fragrant lilies to help express your admiration towards someone.


Roses are an extraordinary flower that is associated with many meanings and strong scents. The fragrance of a rose can all be impacted by the time of day and by their color. Roses with more potent and sweeter scents tend to be darker in color and have thicker petals. Also, you can usually find these roses being the most fragrant early in the morning.


Freesias will give your home a charming and fruity scent when they’re displayed. Their scent has often been compared to the smell of strawberries or other summer fruits. Freesias are not only strong in scent, but they are vibrant and add the perfect pops of colors to each bouquet. Show someone that you’re thinking about them by sending our Exquisite Beauty Bouquet that includes fresh lavender freesia.


The lavender aroma has relaxing and calming properties that help promote a good night’s sleep, relieve anxiety, and stress. Their tall blooms and divine scents would be perfect for keeping in your office or even your bedroom.

Did someone special in your life receive a promotion at work? Congratulate them by sending a Pretty Pastel Bouquet that includes lavender, to display on their desk!

At Dallas House of Flowers, we have sweetly scented bouquets that are perfect for any occasion. Shop from our large personalized selection, or have one of our professionals customize a colorful, scented bouquet just for you!

The Health Benefits of Fresh Flowers

There is nothing better than receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers. Aside from being filled with beautiful colors and sweet scents, they have a lot of benefits that can positively impact a person’s overall health. Here are just a few health benefits of filling your environment with fresh flowers! Improves Emotional Health Receiving a bouquet… Continue Reading