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Fun Facts About Lilies

Lillies are some of the most popular flowers in the world. They bloom in an array of different shades and shapes, and they are often used in flower arrangements to symbolize simplicity, happiness, and purity.

White Lilies

Before you order your next flower arrangement with lilies, here are some interesting facts about the beautiful flower that you may not have known: 

Lilies Can be Found All Around the World

All around the world, lilies are often planted for decorative purposes. They are found in various places, including Canada, the U.S., India, Japan, Australia, and Europe. Depending on where they are grown, lilies can also have different meanings. For example, in China, a lily is found to bring good luck. 

Lilies are Perennial Plants

Lilies are considered perennial plants, meaning that they can continue to survive in the wild without a lot of human interaction. Lilies bloom in the spring and summer, then go dormant during the winter. When they bloom in the spring, they can develop from both a bulb or a seed and grow up to six feet high, depending on the species. 

Lilies Have an Outstanding Vase Life 

Believe it or not, lilies can last quite a long time in their vase. The best way you can keep your lily alive for longer periods is to clear out the pollen from its centers. If you’re looking to give a long-lasting arrangement to someone special, make sure you’re gifting an arrangement with lilies. 

Keep Lilies Away from Cats

Certain plants can be toxic to your pet. If you’re a cat owner, make sure you’re keeping your furry friend away from your arrangement with lilies. Even a small amount of exposure can have harmful effects. 

Only Some Lilies are Scented

When people hear the word lily, they automatically think of a flower with a strong, fragrant scent. Believe it or not, only the white lily and the tiger lily have a strong fragrance.  

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