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How to Prep Your Home for Spring

While it may not seem like it yet, spring is almost here. Soon the clouds will disappear, the flowers will bloom, and the temperatures will rise. After a long winter, you’ll want to freshen up your home to prepare for the new season. Here’s how to get started:

Clean your homeliving room filled with flowers

There’s a reason “spring cleaning” exists. After staying indoors for most of winter, our homes tend to get messy. The spring season is the perfect time to fling the windows open and clean your home. Sort through your items and donate those you don’t use or need anymore. Additionally, take this chance to dust, vacuum, and clean areas of your home you don’t always get to.

Open your windows

During the winter months, the air inside your home gets old and stale. This is because many homes have poor air circulation. Plus, we are not inviting new air into our home from the outside. Once the temperatures get warm enough, open your windows and allow new air to revitalize your home.

Change up your décor

While you’re cleaning and decluttering, consider changing up the décor in your home. A change in seasons is the perfect time to change your décor. And it doesn’t have to be a big change. You can simple replace winter or holiday-themed items with spring items to introduce a new look into your home.

Bring in some flowers

In addition to new décor, a bouquet of beautiful spring flowers will truly make it seem like spring has arrived. And Dallas House of Flowers can help. Look through our line of spring floral bouquets to find the perfect one for your home.