2020 Wedding Flower Trends

You can’t have a wedding without flowers! Floral arrangements are an essential part of a wedding, and they are important to keep in mind when planning your wedding aesthetic. Arrangements should be personal to you and creating them requires a lot of time and thought. To help you get started, it’s useful to know the wedding flower trends for 2020. There are plenty of unique ways to create your arrangements, while still adding a personal touch. To help you out take a look at this years predicted trends!

Petite Bouquets

Swap out your bigger bouquets for a petite bouquet this year. You’ll be surprised at how eye-catching a smaller bouquet can be. Use monochromatic flowers to help compliment your dress and stand out in your photos. If you need extra texture, add lace, ribbon, or a little greenery to make a bold statement.

Incorporate Lights

The right lighting can make your venue feel more intimate. In 2020, centerpieces will be surrounded with subtle lights. Try adding tea-lights to your table to help make your centerpiece stand out. You can even add fairy lights to the inside of your flower vases or intertwine them throughout the arrangement.

Subtle Pops of Color

Over the past few years, wedding color schemes have been more neutral. In 2020, subtle pops of color will be added to flower bouquets, arrangements, and photo booth walls. To bring all the colors together, pay attention to details and try to match things like accents on the flowers with your groomsmen’s pocket squares!

Floral Aisles

Lining the aisle with flowers is the perfect way to make a first impression. Flowers add a lot to a room and can be used to line indoor and outdoor aisles. This trend works for all seasons, and you could use the arrangements at both the ceremony and the reception.

Big Blooms 

Using more eye-catching blooming flowers are an affordable way make a statement. Incorporating flowers like sunflowers or amaryllis will make your bouquets look full and noticeable. Take a look at our Sunny Sunflowers bouquet as an example!

Are you planning a wedding this year? Dallas House of Flowers will personally help you select flowers to complement the season and colors of your wedding. We want to make your arrangements stand while keeping up with this year’s trends. We’ll even carefully deliver your flowers in time for your wedding. Give us a call to start planning for your special day!

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