How to Extend the Life of Your Floral Arrangement

Woman puts flowers in vaseReceiving a floral arrangement as a gift is a lovely surprise no matter what the occasion. These flowers will brighten up your home and remind you of the friend or loved one who gave them to you every time you see them.

You don’t have to be the biggest anthophile in the world to want your arrangement to last as long as possible. But it can be difficult to know just how to ensure the flowers don’t wilt and die. Here are some easy ways to ensure those cut flowers are around for a good, long while:

Cut the Flowers Cleanly

The first thing you should do when you have the flowers at home is to use a sharp knife or scissors to re-cut each stem just before it goes in the vase. Cutting them on a slight angle will increase the surface area for water uptake. This will allow the flower to take on more water and, thus, live longer.

Use a Clean Vase

Next, you’ll want to put those flowers in a vase. But not just any vase: you should wash it with soap and water first and fill it with warm water. If you have any flower food available, you should drop that in. This combination of sugar, a pH acidifier, and anti-microbial agents feeds the flowers, while also minimizing the growth of bacteria in the water. Additionally, you should cut any foliage that is submerged beneath the water level as this can encourage microbial growth, which can eventually prevent stems from absorbing water.

Mind the Water

Your floral arrangement will absorb a lot of water on the first day in the vase, so it’s important to make sure the water level doesn’t get too low and refill it as needed. You should also periodically check to make sure the water isn’t too cloudy. If it is, dump it out and refill the vase with new water. You should also rinse and recut the stems in this case.

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