The Best Perennials to Include in Your Fall Arrangements

Now that summer is sadly coming to an end. We can start getting excited for all of the new flowers that are about to bloom. It’s officially time for perennials to begin reappearing. Soon you will begin to see new colors popping up in your arrangements.

Let’s take a look at some of the perennials you’re going to start seeing more often:

Fall Florals

Nippon Daisy

Also referred to as the Montauk daisy, this flower begins to bloom late-season. This beautiful white flower has a bright yellow center, so they stand out in any garden or arrangement. Nippon Daisies can grow up to nearly 3 feet tall, and they’re noticed for attracting butterflies. When caring for your daisy, they love the sun, and they need medium water to grow.

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Oriental Lily 

The exotic-looking lily has beautiful colors and fragrance that make them stand out in any room. Their colors include pink, red, rose, cream, white, yellow, and orange. These flowers are pretty easy to grow, just as long as they have plenty of sunlight and good drainage. A flower arrangement containing oriental lilies will be the perfect autumn surprise.


Chrysanthemums are a trendy fall flower. They are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and forms, which is why they are often included in many arrangements. To help them grow, chrysanthemums require a sunny location and watered when their soil begins to dry. Chrysanthemum’s blend flawlessly in any floral arrangement. Find yourself an arrangement filled with unique shapes and colors to help your Chrysanthemum’s pop out more.


Aster flowers are unique looking flowers that add a lot of color and beauty to any autumn arrangement. The flowers begin blooming in the late summer and fall. You will usually find them in colors such as white, purple, pink, or blue flowers. To help them grow, Asters need direct sun and soil that is well-drained.

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September is the best time to start, including perennials in your flower arrangements. At Dallas House of Flowers, we have beautiful arrangements for you to choose from. Shop our online collection today, and please give us a call at (214) 339-1612 or (800) 873-0917 with any questions.

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