Why Flowers are Part of the Fabric of Mother’s Day

A pink carnation on a pink sheetWe’re just a few weeks from the annual Mother’s Day holiday, where moms across the country are celebrated in different ways. For more than a century now, flowers have played an important part in the holiday. Many purchase flowers for their mothers on this day, for a variety of reasons.

While the modern version of Mother’s Day is often criticized as an “over-commercialized” holiday, flowers have actually been a part of it since the beginning. Here’s how:

The Origins of Mother’s Day

While mothers have been celebrated in one way or another all over the world for centuries, the American version of Mother’s Day actually began back in the early 20th century. The founder of the holiday – Anna Jarvis – was inspired by something her mother, Ann, had said during a Sunday school lesson in 1876. The elder Jarvis had closed out a prayer by stating a desire for a day for mothers to rest and be commemorated for their service.

The First Mother’s Day

Jarvis later cared for her mother in her later years, until her death in 1905. Three years later – in 1908 – Jarvis organized a memorial ceremony to honor her mother and all other mothers at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Jarvis was not able to actually attend the service but sent a telegram describing the significance of the service along with 500 white carnations for all who attended.

The Significance of the Flowers

Jarvis said later that the carnations she sent to attendees were meant to symbolize the “truth, purity, and charity” of mother love. She noted that carnations do not drop their metals, but rather hold onto them closely as a mother does while hugging a child. Although Jarvis may have not had any such intentions, her gift of carnations started a pattern of flower gifting on Mother’s Day to that continues well into the 21st century.

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